Eloa - Cambodge
Eloa - Cambodge

Hi there! Looking for some info on travels, got lost while googling and dreaming of faraway horizons or we have some common friends? It doesn't matter... You're welcome

Some random click brought you to my page and I'm delighted.

My name is Eloa. I'm French, couldn't you guess at first sight ?! ;)

My motto: Experiment and travel, as much as possible to see, discover, meet, learn, grow, admire... Live!


The little story

In 3 figures:
28 year old
24 countries * and so much more to come ;)!
21 adresses


I've always travelled, as far as I can remember. First with my parents. From Thailand where we moved when I was 2 till the Caribbeans when I turned 6, passing through Venezuela for one year.

Then we came back to France. Secondary school, High school, A level... Nine years and only one idea, moving... Anywhere, but moving.

The opportunity came for my 19th Bday, admission to Montreal Business School. It was my ticket to Canada. Three years later, a Bachelor and an exchange program in Rotterdam, NL, I'm settling in close to Geneva, CH. I'm an office girl, paying for my living. The truth is, this job is an alimentary daily routine. Faraway the Thai smiles and the silence of Kirghiz plains... But thanks to that, I could afford these beautiful travels and eventually, redeem my student loan.


Six years, three moves, some hundred of miles later, it's my 28th Bday. My feet are crying for some adventure. I'm bored with the projects, analysis, excel tables, powerpoints, meetings and other administrative tasks. They are happy with my work and I'm lacking inspiration. They decide to relocate the department... Yes finally. I'm fired. Thank you!

The project: Take my time and use it to make a dream come true: tour the world for several months, through 4 continents. In hand, a backpack, a good pair of shoes and an open mind... and go as it flows

Some travels which change my life

First my studies between Canada, 5 semesters and the Netherlands, one semester. All my holidays were dedicated to visit Montreal, Québec, Boston, New York, Rotterdam, Cologne, Amsterdam, Zurich, Santo Domingo. A student life in Canada: for me, it is 15 hour class per week and a lot of free time. A very cold winter but magically white and sunny, snowball fights, snowstorms and freezing rain which changes everything in a iced palace. What a feeling when the first rays of sun warms up your face.  And then, exchange program for 6 months in Rotterdam, NL. After dozens of coffees, lasiness by the sea or the lake, I have unforgettable memories. 

Thailand, country of my childhood. I were there between 2 and 5. I didn't remember a lot until I decided to go back. I'm 23 and it's my first backpacker solo trip. All I have in hand is my ticket and a rough idea of what I wanted to see. And I soon understood that travelling alone doesn't mean being alone. You meet people and enjoy company.

Kyrgyzstan, three weeks horse-riding and 500 kilometers through mountains and plains. Normally it's an organised trip with a group. I love horses but I barely stand groups... Still I've dreamt of this since I'm a kid and know how to ride. Lucky draw, I get to Bishkek airport to be told I'm the only one, no group. In the end, one guide, one driver, one cook and one translator for me. It was a unique and unbelievable experience. An adventure in close contact with the Kyrgyz people, breathtaking views and a meditative journey, paced by horse steps.

Thailand, Temple of Ayutthaya
Thailand, Temple of Ayutthaya
Kyrgyzstan, Wild horses
Kyrgyzstan, Wild horses

Why a website

Because it's a way to share.

I felt like sharing these stories which made me grow, cry, laugh, dream.

And also this experience to come, this one life adventure.



* France, DOM (Guadeloupe et Saint Martin), Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, UAE, Canada, Dominican Republic, United States, Venezuela.