San Francisco: 4 days in the foggy city

So here I am, first time in California...
Of course, when I think about California, I expect sun and heat. But that's not San Francisco... Here you have a micro climate which makes the city temperature 20 Farenheit less than the rest of the state on average. The encounter of the stream coming down from Alaska and the hot air coming from the desert results in a nice and thick fog in the morning and in the evening. So rule number 1, always have a jacket or something warm with you.
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From New York City to San Francisco, CA: 3 days & 3 nights by train

To cross the US, that's a child dream which comes trues. 
There are several options. 
- Flying: fast, not too expensive but you don't get to see the scenery
- Driving: Cars are the main mean of transport in the US, but you need money (either to rent or buy), drivers and a lot of time... It's still a continent to cross.
- Bus: quite slow and mainly highways... So you don't get to see a lot neither.
- Train: more expensive than flying, faster than the bus and safer than the car. It goes where neither the bus nor the car can go. 

Thus my choice is quickly made and I decide on a 72-hour train trip.

How to do it?

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2 days in New York City, NY: wandering around

What to do? What to visit?

When you're in NYC for 2 days, there are so many options to fill in your days. Of course, it would be a shame to miss Time Square and Broadway, Wall Street, the Empire State building or the famous 5th Avenue. 

Though I'm there for the third time, so I'd rather avoid the already-seen spots. Obviously, to visit it's better to use your feet than the metro. Thus I wander in the city. I enjoy the city with my eyes, but also with my nose... NYC is definitely one of these cities with an unforgettable smell.
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